Wednesday, January 26, 2011

SKY KINGS WWII Era Combat Game

SKY KINGS is a alternate / multiverse WWII era world domination scenarial-My premise that in another alternate reality after the attack on Pearl Harbor the United States of America entered the War-But chose not to rebuild the U.S. Navy, but instead entered the war two years later with Huge aerial Battle Bomber's -Super fortresses of destruction developed by the most powerful Industrialist in the free world that will sell to any nation for Profit. By delaying their Entry into the War allowed for Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan to fully develope their XProjects-giving them a foothold of Dominance and Superiority in the Skies as they Bombard all the major Nations of the world unchallenged-Until the Allied Nations formed the SKY KINGS.......

Major battles are fought in the air between Lighter than air rigid frame Battle Zepplins and flying weapons platforms exchanging  broadside fire at one another, aided by fighter craft all the while Bomber craft on missions to devastate  one anothers Capitals, war factories and Industry in order to cripple that nations ability to fight.

The basic Ideal is asign point values to each miniture and terrain peice-choose how many points game to be played.  Each Nation must have a Capital(HQ) and either Supply warehouses and depots (limited surplus) or Factories to produce unlimited surplus-protect your HQ and factories with defense systems
and retaliate with long range Offensive's.

Perform Bombing missions into your opponents territories at great risk to get past their defenses to take out their capital, or Industry with High-Exsplosives.

                                                                Combat Minitures
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                                                              German Air corps
                                                              Zepplin BattleShip
                                                            German Flying Bomber Wing
 Nazi Saucer-Fighter
                                                               German VTOL-Gunship
                                                               United States Air force
                                               B440-VTOL BattleBomber Super-Fortress
                                                            B420-VTOL BattleBomber
                                                            B410-VTOL BattleBomber

                                                                   Royal Air Force
                                                 GB100-High Altitude Long-Range Bomber
                                                  GB101-High Altitude Long-Range Bomber
GB-VTOL Bomber Gunship
                                                                RAF Derigible Gunship
                                                                  French Air force
                                                           F25-Light Dive Bomber          
F30-High Altitude Long Range Bomber
                                                           FAF Airship Victoire Gunship

                                                       Imperial Japan Navy Air service
                                                    JAF2 Mitsubishi Zero Rocket-Fighter
                                               JAR-VL Yamato Long Range Fighter Refuler
                                                              JA-1 Tenchu Spy Airship

                                                            Imperial Russian Air force
                                                                IR100 Fighter Bomber
IR-VTOL-Low Altitude Gunship Bomber
                                             IR-Oktyabr High Altitude Long Range Bomber

                                                                    Terrain Minitures
                                                                          Air Base

Power plant

Propellants Chemical Lab

                                                                Supply depots/Stations

Fuel Depot

Munitions Depot

Zepplin Docking Supply Station

                                                                   Industrial Factories
Fuel Refinery

Steelworks Industrial Plant

Munitions Factory

Aircraft Factory

                                                                      Defense Systems      

Tesla Lightening Defense Generator

Command Station

Defense Cover Smoke Bellows

Barrier Blockade Blimp

                                                                   Offensive Systems
Anti-Aircraft Flak Canons
V1 Long-Range Flying "Buzz" Bomb

V2 Long-Range Ballistic Missile

                                                       Detection/ Early Warning Systems

Radar Station
All kits may require cleaning a few Flash lines-bubbles-burrs-pin holes- here and there-so clean well before assembly-basing and painting. prices are generally based on -Size-weight-Complexity or the Number of Parts for the kit.

$8.50 Power Plant  5"x3 1/2"

$8.50 Fuel Refinery  5"x3 1/2"

$8.50 Munitions Factory  5"x3 1/2"

$8.50  Steelworks Industrial Plant  5"x3 1/2"

$8.50  Air Base  5"x3 1/2"

$8.50  Aircraft Factory  5"x3 1/2"

$5.50  Radar Station  3 1/2"

$5.50 Zepplin Docking Supply Station

$5.50 Propellants Chemical Lab 3 1/2"

$5.50 Command Station 3 1/2"

$5.50 Munitions Depot 3 1/2"

$5.50  Fuel depot  3 1/2"

$5.50 Tesla Lightening Defense Generator

$2.75 Defense Cover Smoke Bellows 2"

$2.75  V1  Flying "Buzz" Bomb   2"

$2.75  Anti-Aircraft Flak Canons 2"


$3.00  V2 Long-Range Ballistic Missile

(BBB)-Blockade Barrier Bimp x2
2 for $2.00

$7.50 for 3 V1 "Buzz" bombs

$8.00 for 3 V2 Ballistic Missiles

$7.50 for 3 Flak Canons

$13.00 Missile Command

                                   $7.50  B420-VTOL BB Super Fortress  68mm L x 73mm W
                                       $6.50 B420-VTOL BattleBomber  45mm L x 61mm W
$6.50  B410-VTOL BattleBomber  61mm L x 36mm W

                                            $10.50  Zepplin BattleShip 155mm L x 38mm W
$4.00 German Flying Bomber Wing 26mm L x 84mm W

                                                   $2.50 Nazi Saucer-Fighter 32mm Across

                                          $4.25  German VTOL-Gunship 34mm L x 60mm W

                           $4.50 GB101-High Altitude Long-Range Bomber 45mm L x 66mm W

                            $4.50  GB100-High Altitude Long-Range Bomber 45mm L x 75mm W

$4.00 GB-VTOL Bomber Gunship 54mm L x 40mm W

$4.00 RAF Derigible Gunship 71mm L x 44mm W

                        $8.75 JAR-VL Yamato Long Range Fighter Refuler100mm L x 63mm W
                         $3.00 for 3  JAF2 Mitsubishi Zero Rocket-Fighter 20mm L x 20mm W

$2.00 JA-1 Tenchu Spy Airship 42mm L x 13mm W

                                          $4.00  F25-Light Dive Bomber  44mm Lx 48mm W

$4.25 F30-High Altitude Long Range Bomber 51mm l x 76mm W

$4.75 FAF Airship Victoire Gunship 100mm L x 37mm W

$4.00 IR100 Fighter Bomber 42mm L x 48mm W

$4.00 IR-VTOL-Low Altitude Gunship Bomber 42mm L x 40mm W

$4.25 IR-Oktyabr High Altitude Long Range Bomber 38mm L x 65mm W